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TM    9-2815-202-34 e.  Test/Adjustment (1) Connect  high tension lead (28) to ignition coil  (40)  and  electrode  (29). (2) Connect air heater assembly (30) to common  ground. WARNING Do not touch ignition coil or air  heater  assembly  while performing  test.  High  voltage is  present.  Personal  injury may result. CAUTION l Do not apply voltage to ignition coil without a coil air  heater  must  be  grounded. to  air  heater  connection.  Coil  and (3) l Apply positive lead to pin (A) and negative lead to pin (B) or damage to coil will (4) (5) result. Connect a 24  V dc power  source to the coil  input side of ignition coil (40). Observe electric arc between electrode (29) and wire (39). Arc “may be steady or intermittent (about ten pulses a second) with a popping noise. Disconnect  power  source  to  coil  (40)  and  remove  lead  (28). Disconnect  air  heater  assembly  (30)  from  common  ground. f.  Installation (1) Insert ignition coil (40) into bracket (45). Secure with bolt (46), Iockwasher (48), and nut (47). Torque bolt to 7-9Ib-ft(10-12 N-m). (2) Position coil (40) and bracket (45) on air inlet housing. Secure with bolt (42), Iockwasher (43), and flat washer (44). Torque bolt to 16-20 Ib-ft (22-27  N-m). (3) Connect high tension lead  (28) to ignition coil (40). 4-29


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