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TM9-2815-202-34 4-11.   ENGINE   ROCKER   ARM   COVER   AND This  task  covers: a. Removal b. CRANKCASE   BREATHER   REPLACEMENT Cleaning/Inspection c.  Installation MODELS EXPENDABLE/DURABLE   SUPPLIES All Engine oil (App C, Item 16) Cleaning solvent (App C, Item 10) TOOLS AND  SPECIAL TOOLS EQUIPMENT  CONDITION General mechanics tool kit (App B, Item 96) Torque wrench (App B, Item 101) Para  Description 4-13 Ai r inlet housing removed (7083-7399) MANDATORY  REPLACEMENT  PARTS 5  -  2 Air inlet tube removed (7083-7396) 1 Gaskets  (App F, Item 24) NOTE This procedure is for the left bank. Removal and installation for the right bank is similar except the right bank has no oil fill hole. Repeat the same steps for the right bank except  those  involving  the  filler  cap,  cap  chain,  chain  hook,  and  sediment  strainer. a.   Removal (1) Remove hose clamp (1) securing breather hose (2) to breather (3). Remove hose. (2) Remove  two  bolts  (4  and  5),  two  flat  washers  (6),  and  two  resilient  mounts  (7)  securing rocker arm cover (8) to cylinder head.  Remove  rocker  arm  cover. (3) Remove  rocker  arm  cover  gasket  (9)  from  rocker  arm  cover  (8). (4) Remove three screws (10) securing filtering disk retainer(11), fluid filtering disk (12), and breather retainer (13) to breather (3). (5) Remove  seal  (14)  from  rocker  arm  cover  (8). 4-36 C h a n g e    1


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