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TM9-2815-202-34 4-11.  ENGINE  ROCKER  ARM  COVER  AND  CRANKCASE  BREATHER  REPLACEMENT (Cont) b. c. Cleaning/Inspection WARNING Dry  cleaning  solvent  P-D-680  is  toxic  and  flammable.  Wear  protective goggles  and  gloves  and  use  only  in  a  well-ventilated  area.  Avoid  contact with skin, eyes, and  clothes.  Don’t  breathe  vapors.  Do  not  use  near  open flames  or  excessive  heat.  The  flash  point  is  100oF-138oF  (38o-50oC).  If you  become  dizzy  while  using  cleaning  solvent,  get  fresh  air  immediately and get medical aid. If contact with eyes is made, wash your eyes with water  and  get  medical  aid  immediately. (1)  Clean  rocker  arm  cover  with  cleaning  solvent.  Inspect  cover  for  cracks,  dents,  or  other damage. WARNING Compressed  air  used  for  cleaning  purposes  will  not  exceed  30  PSI.  Use only with  effective  chip  guarding  and  personal  protective  equipment (goggles/shield,  gloves  etc.) (2) Dry rocker arm cover with compressed air, (3)  Inspect  fluid  filtering  disk  and  sediment  strainer.  Clean  or  repair  as  necessary. (4) Inspect  seal  and  gasket  for  cracks,  deformation,  or  wear. (5)  Inspect  breather  hose  for  cracks,  tears,  or  damage. Installation (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) Install seal (14) on rocker arm cover (8). Install breather (3) to rocker arm cover (8). Install breather retainer (13), fluid filtering disk (12), and filtering disk retainer (11 ) to breather (3).  Secure  with  three  screws  (1  O). Install chain hook (17) and cap chain (16) to filler cap (15). If  removed,  press  sediment  strainer(18)  into  rocker  arm  cover  (8).  Install  chain  hook(17)  to sediment  strainer  and  cap  chain  (16).  Crimp  hook  to  secure  on  chain. Install gasket (9) into four corners of rocker arm cover (8). Press remainder of gasket into rocker arm cover. NOTE l Rocker arm cover with oil filler is installed on left side with filler toward fronton models 7083-7395 and 7083-7398. For models 7083-7391, 7083-7396, and 7083-7399, install rocker arm cover on right side with oil filler toward rear. l When  gasket  is  properly  installed,  it  should  not  fall  out  of  rocker  arm  cover. 4-38 Change   1


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