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TM    9-2815-202-34 (2) Install ring gear (10) on flywheel (2) as follows: (a)  Place  flywheel  (2),  crankshaft  side  up,  on  a  solid  flat  surface. CAUTION If a torch is used, keep torch moving around circumference of gear to avoid hot spots. Under no circumstances should gear be heated over 400oF (204o C). Excessive heat may  destroy  original  heat  treatment.  Heat  indicating  “crayon”,  which  melts  at  a predetermined  temperature,  should  be  placed  on  work  surface  to  determine  heat range. (b) (c) (d) Place ring gear (10) on a metal surface and heat uniformly. Heat source can be a blow torch, acetylene torch (11), or oven. After ring gear has been heated, place it in position on flywheel (2) with chamfer side up. Tap  ring  gear  into  place  against  shoulder  of  flywheel.  Working  around  circumference  to avoid  binding. NOTE If ring gear cannot be tapped into place readily, remove ring gear and apply additional heat.  Follow  above  caution  about  not  overheating  ring  gear. 4 - 73


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