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TM   9-2815-202-34 4-22.   FLYWHEEL   ASSEMBLY   REPLACEMENT   (Cont) (2) Flywheel  housing  bore  concentricity and  face  runout a. Mount dial indicator base (12) to flywheel  (2). b. Position  one  dial  indicator(13) perpendicular  to  flywheel housing  bell  face  and  a  second dial indicator (14) against flywheel housing bell bore. c. Pry  flywheel  toward  engine  block (at six o’clock position) to insure end play is in one direction. d. Adjust dial indicators to read zero at  twelve  o’clock  position. CAUTION When using hexagon head bolt at front of crankshaft to turn crankshaft, always clockwise.  Serious  engine  damage  may  result  if  bolt  becomes  loose. NOTE l Total  indicator  reading  is  the  maximum  negative  reading  plus  the  maximum turn bolt positive reading.  For  example,  if  maximum  readings  were  0.004-and-0.007  inch,  then  runout is 0.011 inch. l Maximum  total  indicator  reading  must  not  exceed  0.013  inch  for  either  bore concentricity or face runout. e. Rotate crankshaft and record readings at 60 degree intervals (6 readings each for bell bore and face).  Pry flywheel  toward  engine  block  before  taking  each  reading. f. If bore concentricity or face runout exceeds its maximum limit, remove flywheel housing and  check  for  foreign  material  on  end  plate,  flywheel  housing,  and  cylinder  block mounting surfaces. Remount end plate and housing. If either reading is still out of limits, replace  flywheel  housing  (see  Para  4-24). END OF TASK 4-76


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