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TABLE 4-1 TM    9-2815-202-34 (10) Install bolt (29) and Iockwasher (30) to right side of flywheel housing. When tightening idler gear hub bolts, turn engine crankshaft to prevent any bind of idler gear  bearing.  Also  rotate  crankshaft  when  tightening  flywheel  housing  bell  bolts. (11  )  Tighten  flywheel  housing  attaching  bolts  to  specifications  shown  in  Table  4-1  (Operation  1). Draw  mating  parts  together  evenly.  See  Operation  1  figure  for  initial  bolt  tightening sequence. (12) Torque all flywheel housing attaching bolts to specifications shown in Table 4-1 (Operation 2). Refer to Operation 2 figure for final bolt tightening sequence. Three  3/8-24x4  1/2  inch  bolts  and  one  3/8-24x4  3/4  inch  bolt  required  for  model  7083-7398. OPERATION  1 OPERATION  2 4 - 85


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