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TM    9-2815-202-34 4-25.   IDLER   GEAR   REPLACEMENT   (Cont) (4) Lay outer bearing cup (14), numbered side down, on top of outer spacer ring (1 5). Using a steel plate under ram of arbor press, press bearing cup into bore of gear until seated against (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) outer-spacer  ring. Place inner bearing cone (9), outside face down, on parallel bars on bed of arbor press. Press idler gear hub (11) into inner bearing cone until inner hub mounting face is flush with inner  bearing  cone  outside  face. Install inner spacer ring (12) on idler gear hub so oil hole in hub is 180° from gap in inner spacer ring. Place idler gear (16) and cups over hub (11) and inner bearing cone. Place outer bearing cone (10) over hub. CAUTION Inner  bearing  cone  and  hub mounting  face  must  be  supported so bearing rollers are not loaded during  this  assembly  operation. Turn idler gear while installing outer bearing cone on hub to prevent  damage. Press outer bearing cone (10) onto hub while rotating idler gear (16) to seat rollers. Hold hub (11 ) and turn gear assembly (3) to see if binding occurs. NOTE Bearings  must  be  clean  and lubricated  with  engine  oil  before checking  preload.  Work  in  bearings by rotating gear back and forth several  times. 4-90


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