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TM  9-2815-202-34 b.  Disassembly (1)  Injector  control  tube (a) (b) (c) (d) Remove bracket (8) from rear of left bank injector control tube assembly. Loosen four nuts (12) and four adjusting screws (13) from control levers (9). Disconnect  three  right  hand  helix  yield  springs  (14)  and  left  hand  helix  yield  spring  (15) from four control levers (9). Roll yield springs out of slots and notches of control tube (16). Disconnect return spring (17) from bracket (8) and control lever (9) at front of left bank control tube and at rear of right bank control tube. (e)  Remove  bracket  (8)  from  rear  of  right  bank  control  tube  assembly. (f) Slide four control levers (9), four yield springs (14) and (15), and return spring (17) off rear of each control tube (16). (2)  Throttle  delay  assembly (a) Remove cotter pin (18) from pin (19). Slide pin (19) from bracket (4) and link (20). (b) Remove pin (21 ) from piston (22) and link (20). 4 - 9 4 Change 1


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