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(5) (6) (7) (8) TM 9-2815-202-34 CAUTION • Model 7083-7391 has exhaust shields cast in place in the exhaust ports of cylinder head. Do not pry or lift in exhaust ports or damage to cylinder head will result. • When placing cylinder head on bench, protect cam followers, glow plugs (7083-7391 only), and fuel injector tips by placing two-inch thick wooden blocks underneath each end  of  head, Remove two guide studs (5) from cylinder block. Remove figure eight seal ring (7), three seal rings (8), six seal rings (9), four compression gaskets  (10),  and  gasket  (11)  from  cylinder  bank.  Discard  seal  rings  and  gaskets. Remove  lifting  bracket  (1)  from cylinder head by removing three nuts (3). Repeat steps (1) thru (7) for opposite cylinder  head. b.   Installation (1) Install figure eight seaI ring (7), three seal rings (8), six seal rings (9), four compression  gaskets  (10),  and  gasket (11  )  to  cylinder  bank. (2) Install two guide studs (5) in cylinder head bolt holes at outboard corner positions in cylinder block. (3) Attach lifting bracket (1) to center three  exhaust  manifold  studs  (2) located at outboard side of cylinder head. Secure in place with three 7/1 6-20 inch nuts (3). CAUTION Before installing cylinder head, insure all seal rings and gaskets are in  place. (4) Using  chain  hoist,  lift  cylinder  head above cylinder block and lower over guide  studs  (5).  Lower  head  to  1/2 inch  from  surface  of  cylinder  block. C h a n g e    1   4-99


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