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TM  9-2815-202-34 4-28.  ENGINE  LOWER  FRONT  COVER  REPLACEMENT  (Cent) b.  Cleaning/inspection (1) Clean front cover and inspect sealing and that  would  prevent  proper  sealing. (2) Check inside of spacer and crankshaft for in  circular  motion. mating  surfaces  for  cracks,  nicks,  and  damage burrs and nicks. Clean up burrs using crocus cloth (3)  Inspect  spacer  ring  for  nicks  or  burrs  that  would  prevent  proper  sealing. c.   Repair/Replacement (1) Support outer face of front cover (9) on  two  wooden  blocks  and  drive  seal (13) out with a soft drift. Discard seal. (2) Clean seal bore. NOTE If new oil seal is not precoated, apply nonhardening sealant to outer edge of metal casing. (3) (4) Position seal (13) in front cover (9) with seal lip pointed toward inner face of  cover. Drive seal in (14). Remove  any (5) d.   Installation (1) (2) (3) with  seal  installation  tool excess  sealant. Affix gasket (12) to inner face of front cover  (9). Install dirt deflector (11 ) onto crankshaft  with  flat  surface  toward engine. Coat lip of oil seal lightly with grease or  vegetable  shortening. 4-102


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