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TM9-2815-202-34 4-29.  CAMSHAFT   AND   GEAR   ASSEMBLIES (9) (lo) (11) (12) Rotate each camshaft gear (17) until three  bolts  (18)  are  accessible. Remove three bolts (18) and three Iockwashers  (19) from each rear camshaft  end  bearing  (20).  Discard Iockwashers. Remove  two  camshaft,  bearing,  and gear assemblies (21 ) from cylinder block. Remove three bolts (22) and three Iockwashers  (23) from each front camshaft end bearing (24 and 25). Remove  end  bearings  from  cylinder block. Discard  Iockwashers. Remove  camshaft  end  bearing  gasket (26) from left bank front  positi~n~ Discard  gasket. b.   Disassembly NOTE l Use gear puller if press is unavailable  to  remove  gear. l Disassemble  left  and  riaht (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) camshafts  by  same  pro~edure. Remove nut (8) from end of camshaft. Place  camshaft,  bearing,  and  gear assembly (21 ) in an arbor press. Insert  short  one-inch  diameter  brass rod (27) on end of camshaft. Press camshaft from gear. Remove woodruff key (28), two thrust washers (29), and rear end bearing (20) from end of camshaft (30). Remove six lock rings (31 ) from camshaft (30). Remove six intermediate  bearing  halves  (32). Remove two screws (33) and two nuts (34) from rear camshaft gear (17). Remove balance weight (35) from gear. Remove two bolts (36) from water pump drive gear (7) (right camshaft only).  Remove  balance  weight  (37). REPLACEMENT   (Cent) ~d FRONT   OF   ENGINE ARBOR PRESS PI \ . . 4-106


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