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TM9-2815-202-34 (6) Remove two camshaft end plugs (38) from camshaft in following manner: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (9) Clamp  camshaft  in  a  soft-jawed vise. Use care not to damage’ cam  lobes  or  machined  surfaces of shaft. Make  indentation  in  center  of  end plug with 31/64-inch  drill. Punch a hole as deep as possible  with  a  center  punch  to aid in breaking through hardened surface of plug. Drill a hole straight through center of plug with a 1/4-inch  drill. Use l/4-inch drilled hole as a guide and redrill plug with 5/1 6-inch drill. Tap drilled hole with a 3/8-16 tap. Thread 3/8-1 6 adaptor (39) into plug. Attach a slide hammer to adaptor.  Remove  plug. NOTE l If  suitable  rod  is  not  available,  remove  remaining  plug  by  repeating  steps  (a)  thru (g). (h) Insert a long 3/8-inch steel rod in camshaft. Drive out remaining plug. Discard plug. l (7) Remove camshaft oil seal (40) from left bank front end bearing (25). Discard seal. 4 - 1 07


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