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TM9-2815-202-34 4-29.   CAMSHAFT e.  Assembly AND   GEAR   ASSEMBLIES   REPLACEMENT   (Cent) (1) (2) (3) (4) Install two plugs (38) in ends of camshaft. NOTE Steel faces of thrust washers must face toward flange on rear end bearings. Apply grease to steel face of each thrust washer (29). Place washer against end of rear camshaft  end  bearing  (20). Lubricate  rear  camshaft  bearing  journal  with  engine  oil.  Slide  rear  end  bearing  (20)  on camshaft with bolting flange of bearing toward camshaft gear (17). Install rear camshaft gear on camshaft as follows: (a) (b) NOTE Install camshaft gear stamped ‘R’ on right bank camshaft. Install woodruff key (28) in camshaft  keyway. Aline keyway  in gear (17) with key (28) in shaft. Start gear over end of shaft. ,d  q   //,nY7 v 3a 31 / 29 I 17 8 4-110


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