Quantcast Installation (cont) - TM-9-2815-202-34_214

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TM9=2815-202-34 4-29.  CAMSHAFT  AND  GEAR  ASSEMBLIES  REPLACEMENT  (Cent) (2) Rotate camshafi  gear(17) until webingear  alineswith  camshaft end bearing bolt  hoIe. Install three bolts (18) and three  Iockwashers  (19) to rear end bearing. Torque bolts to 35-40 @ lbJft  (47-54 N-m). NOTE Intermediate bearings must have a slight play when locked in position in block bore. (3) (4) Revolve  camshaft  intermediate  bearings  (32)  as  required  to  aline locking hole in upper half of bearing with tapped hole in top of cylinder block. Install three lock screws (16) to each bank and torque screws to 15-20  Ib-ft (47-54 N-m). Install other camshaft assembly in same manner. 16 22 @ 4-112


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