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TM   9-2815-202-34 1-6.   WARRANTY INFORMATION. The Series 8V71T diesel engine is warranted for 12 months. Report  all  defects  in  material  or  workmanship  in  accordance  with  TB  9-2815-202-34. Section  Il.  EQUIPMENT  INFORMATION 1 - 7. EQUIPMENT  DESCRIPTION.  All the engine models are two cycle, fuel injected, V-type, liquid cooled, and eight cylinder diesel engine with dry cylinder liners. The cylinders are numbered one, two, three, and four on the left and right starting from the front of the engine. The terms “right”, “left”, “front”, and “rear” are defined as viewed from the rear or flywheel end of the engine. The engine serial number and  model  are  stamped  on  the  right  side,  upper  front  corner  of  the  cylinder  block.  On  model 7083-7391, an option label is affixed to one valve rocker arm cover which carries the engine serial number, model number, tune-up specifications, and a list of optional equipment used on the engine. 1-2 Change   1


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