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TM9=2815-202-34 4-30.   CYLINDER   BLOCK   END   PLATES   REPLACEMENT   (Cent) b.  Cleanlng/inspection (1) Remove allgasket  material from end plates (3 and 12). WARNING Dry  cleanlng   solvent   P-D-680  Is toxic  and  flammable.  Wear protective  goggles  and  gloves and  use  only  in  a  well-ventilated area.  Avoid  contact  with  skin, eyes,  and  clothes  and  don’t breathe  vapors.  Do  not  use  near open  flame  or  excessive  heat. The  flash  point  is  1OO”F-138”F (38”-50”C).  If you  become   dizzy while  using  cleaning  solvent,  get fresh  air  immediately  and  get medical  aid.  If  contact  with  eyes is made, wash your eyes with water  and  get  medical  aid immediately. (2) Clean  end  plates  with  suitable cleaning   solvent. (3) Check plates for nicks, dents, scratches,  score  marks,  and  warpage. (4) Inspect screw inserts for cracks and damaged  threads. c.  Repair (1) (2) If screw insert  (9) was removed from front end  plate,  install  new  insert  by  supporting end plate (3) on flat surface and press insert into back of end plate until head on insert seats on end plate. If screw inserts were removed from rear end  plate,  install  new  inserts  (nine  total) by supporting end plate (12) on flat surface  and  press  inserts  into  end  plate until head on insert seats on end plate. Two inserts (15) are pressed from back and  seven  (16)  inserts  are  pressed  from front of end plate. d. Installation (1) Front End Plate (a) 9 3 ///, A II    h    l/M-fv+ 8 Affix gaskets (6 and 7) to front of cylinder block (8) using non-hardening gasket cement.  Also  apply  coat  of  non-hardening gasket cement to outer surface of each gasket. 4-118 r’” -.


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