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TM9-2815-202=34 4-30.   CYLINDER   BLOCK   END   PLATES   REPLACEMENT   (Cent) (2) Rear End Plate (a) (b) (c) (d) Apply nonhardening gasket cement on cylinder block. Then install gasket (13) over two dowel pins (18) on cylinder block (8). Apply coat of  nonhardening   gasket  cement  to  outer  surface  of  gasket  (13). e Attach rear end plate (12) to cylinder block with eight bolts (1 O) and eight  Iockwashers (11 ). Tighten bolts finger tight. Wipe excess gasket cement from bores in end plate and cylinder block. NOTE Holes in end plate  for camshaft end bearings are not same size. Smaller hole is accurately machined  for alinement purposes and is always located -on right side of engine. (e) (f) (9) Insert right bank camshaft end bearing (19) through smaller bearing bore in  end  plate (12) and into bore of block to accurately  aline plate with block. With end bearing  in place, torque all bolts to 30-35 Ib-ft (41-47 N-m). Remove camshaft end bearing (19) which served as a pilot while attaching end plate. e \[)( 1 0 ,./l, END   OF   TASK 19 fll /K’pA d 9 9 FOLLOW-ON  MAINTENANCE n 9 3 9 ~1 13 4 Para   Description 91 4-29  Install  camshafts  and  camshaft . end  bearings 4-25  Install  idler  gear 4-19 Install blower drive support 94-5 Install fuel strainer bracket (7083-7395 and 7083-7398) . 4-120 Change 1


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