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d. TM9-2815-202-34 (3)  Inspect  four  helical  gears,  two  oil  pump  gears,  and  spur  gear  for  chipped  teeth,  burrs,  wear, or damage. (4)  Inspect  drive  and  driven  shaft  for  scoring,  wear,  or  damage. (5) Inspect bushings in oil pump housing and scavenger pump housing for wear, If worn, replace  oil  pump  housing  and  scavenger  pump  housing. (6)  inspect  strainer  element  screens  for  cracks,  tears,  or  damage. (7)  Inspect  tube  assembly  and  adaptor  for  cracks  or  damage. (8)  Inspect  studs  for  continuity  or  damage  to  threads. Assembly DRIVEN SHAFT (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Insert woodruff key (42) into driven shaft  (36). Lubricate  driven  shaft  (36)  with engine oil, and  aline helical gear (38) 1 ke~ay with woodruff key (42) on driven  shaft. 6!01 J- U NOTE Position  of  helical  gear  should  be 6.01 inch from end of driven shaft. Using driven gear installer (48) and arbor  press,  install  helical  gear  (38) onto driven shaft (36). Insert woodruff key (41 ) into drive shaft  (34). Lubricate  drive  shaft  (34)  with  engine oil and aline oil pump gear (39) keyway with woodruff key (41) on drive  shaft. NOTE DRIVE SHAFT 3 T 7.i50 dl ARBOR F PRESS 48 34,36 0 ‘+ 41,42 0 6,39 Position of oil pump gear should be +   WI 7.750 inch from end of drive shaft. I (6) (7) (8) (9) I I Using  drive  gear  installer  (48)  and arbor press, install oil pump gear (39) onto drive shaft (34). Install drive shaft (34) and oil pump gear (39) as an assembly into oil pump housing (32). Install driven shaft (36) and helical gear (38) as an assembly into oil pump housing (32). Place oil pump housing (32) in a soft-jawed vise and place a rag between oil pump gear (39) and  helical  gear  (38). 4 - 1 27


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