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TM    9-2815-202-34 4-33.   PISTON   AND   CONNECTING   ROD   MAINTENANCE   (CROSS-HEAD)   (Cont) f. Fitting Piston Rings (1) Insert top piston ring inside cylinder liner in normal area of ring travel. Use a piston skirt to push ring down to insure ring is parallel with top of liner. Measure ring gap with feeler gage. Refer to Table 4-3 for ring gap specifications. Repeat procedure for balance of compression CAUTION File or stone both ends of compression  ring  from  outer  surface to inner surface to prevent chipping or peeling of chrome plating on ring. Ends of ring must remain square, and chamfer on outer edge must be approximately  0.015  inch. TABLE  4-3  PISTON   RING    SPECIFICATIONS GAP (NO.2, AND 3) CLEARANCE RING TO GROOVE: TOP  RING NO.2 NO03 OIL  CONTROL  RINGS GAP (TWO RINGS IN LOWER   GROOVE) GAP (ONE RING IN UPPER GROOVE) CLEARANCE (TWO RINGS IN  LOWER  GROOVE) CLEARANCE (ONE RING IN UPPER GROOVE) MINIMUM MAXIMUM .0230 IN (.0286CM .0380 IN. (.0965CM) .0180 IN. (.0457CM) .0430 IN. (.1092CM) .C080 IN. (.0025CM) .0050 IN (.0127CM) ,0100 IN. (.0254CM) .0130 IN (.0330CM) .0040 IN. (.0101CM) .0070 IN. (.0177 CM) .0080 IN (.0203CM) I .0230 IN. (.0584CM) .0050 IN. (.0127CM) .0140 IN. (.0356CM) .)015 IN. (.0038CM) .0055 IN. (0139CM) .0010 IN. (.0025CM) .0040 IN (.0101CM) (3)  Using  feeler  gage,  measure  ring  side clearance by inserting edge of ring in appropriate  groove  of  piston. Refer to Table 4-3 for ring side clearance   specifications. g. Assembly (1) Piston and Rod Assembly (a)  Install  pin  bushing  (17)  in  piston dome (15). It should slide into piston dome without force. NOTE Soak seal rings in engine oil for 15 minutes prior to installation on dome. (b)  Lubricate  seal  ring  (16)  and install in groove on piston dome (15). Change 1 4-138


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