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l l k (c) (d) (e) (f) (9) TM9-2815-202-34 Aline piston pin holes in skirt (14) and dome (15), then push skirt into position on dome. Lubricate  piston  pin  (12)  and  piston  pin  bushing  (17)  with  engine  oil  and  install  piston pin. Install spacers (13) on piston pin bolts (11). Apply small amount of International Compound No. 2, or equivalent, to bolt threads and bolt head contact surfaces. Attach connecting rod (5) to piston pin (12) with two bolts (11) and two spacers (13). Tighten bolts finger tight. Clamp connecting rod (5) in  soft- jawed  vise  and  torque  piston  pin bolts (11 ) to 55-60 Ib-ft (75-81 N- m). Do not exceed this torque. CAUTION Insure piston pin retainers do not buckle  during  installation  and  seat completely  in  counterbore with width  of  land  even  around  retainer to seal properly. (h)  Insert  piston  pin  retainer  (9)  in position.  Place  crowned  end  of piston  pin  installer  (19)  against retainer. Strike tool just hard enough to deflect retainer and to seat it evenly in skirt (14), Install second  retainer  in  same  manner. (i)  Check  each  retainer  for  proper sealing  with  leak  detector  (20). Place suction  cup  over  retainer and hand operate lever to pull a vacuum of ten inches of  Hg. on gage.  A drop in  gage  reading indicates  air  leakage  at  retainer. (2)  Installation  -  Piston  Rings (a)  Lubricate  piston  rings  and  piston with  engine  oil  before  installing rings. Change 1 4 - 1 39


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