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TM   9-2815-202-34 4-33. PISTON AND CONNECTING ROD MAINTENANCE (Cont) (3)  Piston  and  Connecting  Rod  Assembly  to  Cylinder  Liner (a) Apply clean engine oil to piston, rings, and inside surface of piston ring compressor. NOTE Inspect ring compressor for nicks or burrs, especially at nontapered inside diameter end. Nicks or burrs on inside diameter of compressor will result in damage to piston rings. (b) (c) (d) (e) Place piston ring compressor (27) on wood block, with tapered end of ring compressor facing  up. Stagger piston ring gaps 90° apart on piston. Make sure ends of oil control ring expanders are not overlapped. Start top of piston straight into ring compressor (27). Then push piston down until it contacts  wood  block. Place liner (1) with flange end down on wood block. Note position of matchmark  on  liner. NOTE Numbers on side of connecting rod and cap identify rod with cap and indicate particular cylinder in which they are used. (f) (g) Place ring compressor (27) and piston and connecting rod assembly (28) on liner (1) with numbers on side of connecting rod and cap aligned with matchmark  on  liner. Push piston and connecting  rod assembly (28) down into liner (1) until piston is-free of ring compressor (27). CAUTION Do not force piston into liner. Expanders apply considerable force on oil rings; therefore, extra care must be taken during loading operation to prevent ring  breakage. (h) Remove connecting rod cap and ring compressor. Then push piston down until compression rings pass cylinder liner  ports. 4-142 C  h  a  n  g  e       1


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