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TM 9-2815-202-34 h. Installation - Cylinder  Kit  Assembly (1) (2) (3) (4) NOTE If any pistons and liners are already in engine, use hold down clamps (29) to retain liners (1) in place when crankshaft  is  rotated. Install cylinder liner insert (30) in block counterbore. Rotate crankshaft (31) until connecting rod journal (32) of particular cylinder being worked on is at bottom of its travel. Wipe journal clean and lubricate it with clean engine oil. Install upper bearing shell (4) (without continuous oil groove) in connecting rod (5). Lubricate bearing shell with clean engine oil. NOTE Distance from vertical center line of connecting rod bolts to edges of rod are not equal. When installing piston and connecting rod assembly, ensure narrow side of two connecting rods on crankshaft journal are together to avoid cocking of  rod. Position piston, rod, and liner assembly (33) above cylinder block bore. Align identification number and letter on rod face with outer edge of cylinder block and matchmarks on liner. Guide end of connecting rod (5) through block bore carefully to avoid damaging or dislodging bearing shell. Then slide piston, rod, and liner assembly straight into block bore until liner flange rests against insert in block counterbore (6). Push or pull piston and connecting rod into liner until upper bearing shell is firmly seated on crankshaft journal. C h a n g e    1 4-143


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