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TM   9-2815-202-34 1-8. LOCATION  AND  DESCRIPTION  OF  COMPONENTS a. Water Pump. Mounted on the front engine  cover  and  driven  by  a  right  camshaft  gear. It  circulates  coolant  through  the  cylinder  block, cylinder  heads, and oil cooler. b. Governor.  Mounted on the front end of the blower and driven by a blower rotor. It is used to control the idle and maximum engine operating speeds. c. Oil Pan. Mounted on the bottom of the cylinder  block.  It  provides  a  reservoir  for  engine  oil. d. Valve Rocker Covers.  Encloses  the valve  and  injector  rocker  arm  mechanisms  located on  top  of  cylinder  heads. e. Starter. Mounted on left side of flywheel housing. It is an electric starter and engages the flywheel  ring  gear. f. Flywheel. Mounted on the rear of the crankshaft. It is used to provide true alinement of transmission  flex  plate. g. Oil Cooler. Mounted on lower right side of engine block. It uses engine coolant to cool engine and  transmission  oil. Change 1 1-5


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