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TM    9-2815-202-34 (3)  Remove  liner  insert  (3)  and  shims  (4) (if used) from counterbore in block. (4)  Tag  liner,  insert,  and  shims  with cylinder  position  number. b.  Cleaning WARNING Compressed  air  used   for cleaning purposes  will  not  exceed  30  psi. - Use only with effective chip guarding  and  personal  protective equipment  (goggles/  shield, gloves,  etc). CAUTION Always  store  liners  in  an  upright position until ready for use. Liners left on their side can become distorted. Clean  cylinder  liner  with  fuel  oil  and  dry  with  compressed  air. c.  Inspection (1) (2) (3) (4) Check  outside  of  liners  for  cracks,  scoring,  and  flange  irregularities. Discard  cracked  or  excessively  scored  liners.  Clean  up  slightly  scored  liners  using  cylinder hone. NOTE Excessive  liner  to  block  clearance  or  block  bore  distortion  will  reduce  heat  transfer  from liner to block and to engine coolant. Stains or low pressure areas on outer surface of liner  indicate  poor  contact  between  liner  and  block  bore. Examine outside surface of liner for fretting. Remove metal particles from surface of liner with a coarse flat stone. Liner flange and liner insert must be smooth and flat on both top and bottom surfaces. Replace liner if cracked at flange. Replace insert if there is evidence of brinelling. 4-145


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