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TM    9-2815-202-34 4-34   CYLINDER   LINER   MAINTENANCE   (Cont.) l l g. NOTE Maximum liner out of round and taper is 0.002 inch. Maximum block bore diameter is 4.6285 inches for standard liner. If block bore exceeds limit, block must be bored oversize. Measure  each  liner  on  outside  diameter  for  size  in  three  places  (under  flange, between  flange  and  ports,  and  above  ports).  Cylinder  bore  size  is  average  of  three measurements. Fitting  Cylinder  Liner  In  Block  Bore CAUTION (1) (2) If a new liner and piston are installed in block without properly fitting a liner, galling and seizing  of  piston  may  result. Wipe inside and outside of liner clean and clean block bore and counterbore thoroughly. Place  a  standard  size  cylinder  liner  insert (3) (0.1795-0.1800 inch thick) in block counterbore. NOTE If a new liner cannot be pushed in place, lightly  hone  block  bore  to  obtain  desired  fit. (3) Push cylinder liner (1) into cylinder block bore  (8)  until  liner  flange  rests  on  insert (3). Liner should slide smoothly in place with hand pressure. (4) Install a cylinder liner hold down clamp (9) at top of liner (1). Torque two bolts to 50 Ib-ft (68 N-m). 4-150 C h a n g e    1


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