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TM  9-2815-202-34 CAUTION Do not cut liner shims at installation. Shims must be unbroken to seat insert properly. NOTE Maximum liner height difference of 0.002 inch between any two adjacent liners is allowed  as  measured  lengthwise  along  cylinder  center  line  (10). (5) Measure distance from top of liner to top of block with a depth gage (11). Liner flange must be 0.045 to 0.050 inch below surface of block. (6) (7) (8) NOTE Liner inserts 0.0015 inch thicker or 0.0015, 0.004, and 0.008 inch thinner than standard are  available. If necessary, adjust liner height by adding 0.002 inch shims underneath liner insert or use alternate inserts. Matchmark liner and cylinder block on outboard side with felt pen so liner is reinstalled in same position and same cylinder bore. Remove hold down clamp and cylinder liner. Do not remove liner insert. h. Installation Cylinder  liner  is  installed  as  a  complete  assembly  including  piston  assembly,  connecting rod, and cylinder liner. See Para 4-33 for installation instructions. END   OF   TASK FOLLOW-ON  MAINTENANCE Para   Description 4-33  Install  piston  and  rod  assembly 4-32  Install  oil  pump  and  oil  pump  tubes 4-31  Install  oil  pressure  regulator  and relief   valve 4-27   Install   cylinder   head 4-20   Install   oil   pan 4-151


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