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TM   9-2815-202-34 4-35.   CRANKSHAFT   MAINTENANCE This  task  covers: a.  Removal b.  Disassembly   c.- Cleaning d.  Inspection e. Measurements f. Assembly g.  Installation INITIAL   SETUP EXPENDABLE/DURABLE    SUPPLIES MODELS Dry cleaning solvent (App C, Item 10) All Engine oil (App C, Item 16) Plastic gage (App C, Item 30) Crocus cloth (App C, Item 12) Emery cloth (App C, Item 15) Fuel oil (App C, Item 21) TOOLS  AND  SPECIAL  TOOLS International compound no. 2 (App C, Item 24) . General mechanics tool kit (App B, Item 96) Torque wrench (App B, Item 101) EQUIPMENT  CONDITION Magnetic  base  dial  Indicator (App B, Item 45) Para  Description Micrometer 0-1 inch (App B, Item 65) 4-24 Flywheel housing removed Micrometer 2-3 inch (App B, Item 65) 4-25  Idler  gear  removed Micrometer 4-5 inch (App B, Item 65) 4-28  Lower  front  cover  removed  (7083-7395 Universal puller (App B, Item 71) and  7083-7398) Ball attachment (App B, Item 6) 4-33  Pistons  and  connecting  rods  removed Telescoping gage set (App B, Item 25) 5-27 Lower front cover removed (7083-7391, 7083-7396,   and   7083-7399) a.   Removal (1) (2) (3) Remove three bolts (1) and three flat washers  (2)  from  two  stabilizer  plates (3). Remove four bolts (4), six bolts (5), and ten flat washers (6) from main bearing caps (7). Remove two stabilizer plates (3) from rear main bearing caps (7). 4-152  C h a n g e     1


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