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TM  9-2815-202-34 (4) CAUTION Install  main  bearing  caps  and  main bearing shells in their original position.  Main  bearing  caps  are numbered  1,2,3,4,  and  5.  Upper bearing shell has an oil hole and groove for lubrication, and lower bearing  shell  is  smooth  with  no groove or oil hole. (5) (6) Remove five main bearing caps (7) from  cylinder  block.  Attach  lower  shell of main bearings (8) and lower thrust washers (9) (rear cap only) to appropriate  cap. WARNING If hoist and sling are not available,  use  two  or  more men to remove crankshaft. Crankshaft  Is  heavy  and awkward  to  handle.  Serious injury can result If crankshaft Is  dropped. Remove  crankshaft  from  cylinder block.  Do  not  dislodge  upper  bearing shells  (10)  and  upper  thrust  washers (11). Remove  five  upper  bearing  shells (10) and two upper thrust washers (11) from block and mark with corresponding main bearing identification   number. b.  Disassembly (1) (2) (3) Remove six bolts (12) from rear crankshaft gear (13). Use universal puller to remove gear from  crankshaft  (14). Remove slip fit oil pump driving gear (15) from front of crankshaft. Remove Woodruff key (16) and spacer ring (17) from crankshaft. 4 - 1 53


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