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TM    9-2815-202-34 (5) Inspect rear end of crankshaft at area of oil seal contact surface for evidence  of  rough  or  grooved condition.  Slight  ridges  on  crankshaft oil seal contact surface may be cleaned up with crocus cloth. If crankshaft  cannot  be  cleaned  up satisfactorily,  reposition  oil  seal  in flywheel housing. (6) Check crankshaft thrust surfaces for excessive  wear  or  grooving.  If  only slightly  worn,  surfaces  may  be dressed with an oil stone. NOTE l l (7) (8) Minute  cracks  can  be  detected  by  using  Magnetic  Particle  Inspection  Method. Crankshaft failures are rare and when one cracks or breaks completely, it is very important  to  make  a  thorough  inspection  for  contributory  factors. Inspect  crankshaft  for  fatigue  cracks which start at an oil hole and follow journal surface at an angle of 45 degrees  to  axis.  Reject  crankshaft with  cracks. Inspect  main  bearing  shells  for  bright spots  on  backs  indicating  movement in  bearing  caps  or  supports.  Discard shells if this condition is present. CAUTION Install all upper and lower bearing shells as a set. Do not replace one main bearing shell  alone.  When  new  crankshaft  is  used,  install  all  new  bearing  shells. 4-155


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