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TM    9-2815-202-34 (b) With crankshaft installed, place plastic gage strip (19) between crankshaft journal (20) and  main  bearing  cap  (7).  Tighten  main  bearing  bolts  (21)  to  required  torque.  Remove main  bearing  bolts  and  cap  and  measure  width  of  plastic  gage  with  measuring  strip  (22). (3) Measure intermediate main bearing journal runout with dial indicator. Support crankshaft on its front and rear journals on V-blocks or an inverted engine block with front and rear upper bearing  shells  in  place.  When  high  spots  of  runout  on  adjacent  journals  are  in  opposite directions,  sum  must  not  exceed  0.003  inch  total  indicator  reading.  When  high  spots  of runout  on  adjacent  journals  is  in  same  direction,  difference  must  not  exceed  0.003  inch  total indicator  reading.  When  high  spots  of  runout  on  adjacent  journals  are  at  right  angles  to  each other,  sum  must  not  exceed  0.004  inch  total  indicator  reading  or  0.002  inch  on  each  journal. If runout limit is greater than 0.002 inch on No. 2 and No. 4 journals or greater than 0.004 inch on No. 3 journal, crankshaft must be replaced. 4-157


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