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TM  9-2815-202-34 4-35.   CRANKSHAFT   MAINTENANCE   (Cont.) NOTE Maximum  clearance  between connecting rod journal and bearing shell is 0.0045 inch (with new shells).  Maximum  clearance between main bearing journal and bearing  shell  is  0.0055  inch  (with new shells). Main bearing journal taper must not exceed 0.0006 inch or out of round must not be greater than  0.0005  inch.  Replace crankshaft  if  measurements  exceed limits. (4)  Measure all main and connecting rod bearing journals. Measure journals at several  places  on  circumference  so that taper (calculated from two end outside  diameter  measurements  of journal),  out  of  round,  and  bearing clearances  can  be  determined. Measurements  should  be  accurate  to nearest  0.0002  inch. (5) Measure crankshaft thrust surfaces at points A and B. Dimension A must be 1.499 to 1.501 inches and dimension B must be 1.915 to 1.925 inches. f. Assembly (1) Install four pipe plugs (18) into crankshaft (14). Torque plugs to 10-12 Ib-ft (14-16 N-m). (2) Position gear (13) on rear end of crankshaft (14) with bolt holes in gear alined with tapped holes in crankshaft. One bolt hole is offset so gear can be attached in only one position. Install six bolts (12) through gear and into crankshaft. Torque bolts to 35-39 lb-ft (47-53 N-m). (3)  Install  spacer  ring  (17),  with  beveled  side  toward  main  bearing  cap,  and  woodruff  key  (16)  on front  of  crankshaft.  install  oil  pump  driving  gear  (  5)  with  chamfer  toward  main  bearing  cap and slide gear on shaft and over woodruff key. Install gear tight against spacer ring (17). 4-158


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