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TM    9-2815-202-34 g.  Installation CAUTION When  a  new  or  rearound  crankshaft  is  installed,  all  new  main  and  connecting  rod bearing  shells  and-thrust  washers  must  be  installed.  If  used  components  are-installed, short life will result. (1) Install upper main bearing shells (10) in block. If bearings are being reused, install them in same  locations  from  which  they  were  removed. (2) Apply clean engine oil to upper bearing shells and crankshaft main bearing journals. CAUTION Do not damage journals or main bearing shells when lowering crankshaft  into  position.  Damage will  result  in  short  component  life. (3) (4) Position  crankshaft  on  upper  bearing shells  in  cylinder  block  using  Iifting sling  (23). Install  upper  crankshaft  thrust washers (11) on each side of rear main  bearing  support  with  grooved side  of  thrust  washers  toward crankshaft  thrust  surfaces. NOTE Install used bearings in same bearing  caps  from  which  removed. (5) Install lower main bearing shells (8) in bearing caps (7) and two thrust washers (9) to rear main bearing cap. NOTE Main bearing caps are bored in position and stamped 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5,  Install  caps  with  identification stamp on right side of engine. (6) Install five main bearing caps (7) along with mating lower bearing shells  (8)  and  lower  thrust  washers (9). 4-159


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