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TM    9-2815-202-34 4-35.    CRANKSHAFT    MAINTENANCE    (Cont) (7) Install two stabilizer plates (3) on rear main bearing caps. (8) Apply a small quantity of international Compound No. 2, or equivalent to main bearing bolt threads and bolt head contact area. Install six main bearing bolts (5) and six flat washers (6) to front bearing caps and four main bearing bolts (4) and four flat washers (6) to rear bearing caps. Rear bolts (4) go through stabilizer plates (3). Draw bolts up snug. (9)  Install  three  bolts  (1)  and  three  flat  washers  (2)  securing  stabilizer  plates  (3)  to  cylinder  block. Finger  tighten  bolts. (10) Strike main bearing caps sharply with a soft-headed hammer to seat them properly. Starting with  center  bearing  cap  bolts  and  working  alternately  towards  both  ends  of  block,  torque main bearing bolts to 45-55 Ib-ft (61-75 N-m). Turn all bolts, except two rear main bearing bolts,  an  additional  110-130  degrees  of  bolt  head  rotation. (11 ) Strike both ends of crankshaft two or three sharp blows with soft-headed hammer to insure proper  positioning  of  rear  main  bearing  cap  in  block  saddle.  Turn  two  rear  main  bearing  cap bolts  an  additional  110-130  degrees  of  bolt  head  rotation. (12) Tighten three stabilizer plate bolts (1) to 70-75 Ib-ft (95-102 N-m) torque. 4-160


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