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TM  9-2815-202-34 4-36.  CYLINDER  BLOCK  MAINTENANCE  (Cont) b.  Cleaning NOTE Remove all pipe plugs except fourteen plugs in cylinder head bolt holes. Do not remove  solid  plugs. (1) Scrape all gasket material from cylinder block. WARNING Dry  cleaning  solvent  P-D-680  is  toxic  and  flammable.  Wear  protective goggles  and  gloves  and  use  only  in  a  well  ventilated  area.  Avoid  contact with  skin,  eyes,  and  clothes  and  don’t  breathe  vapors.  Do  not  use  near open  frame  or  excessive  heat.  The  flash  point  is  100oF-138°F   (38o-50oC). If  you  become  dizzy  while  using  cleaning  solvent,  get  fresh  air immediately  and  get  medical  aid.  f contact  with  eyes  is  made,  wash  your eyes  with  water  and  get  medical  aid  immediately. (2) Clean inner and outer surfaces of cylinder block with cleaning solvent. WARNiNG Compressed  air  used  for  cleaning  purposes  will  not  exceed  30  psi.  Use only  with  effective  chip  guarding  and  personal  protective  equipment (goggles/shield,   gloves,   etc). (3)  Clean  water,  air,  and  oil  passages  with  bore  brush.  Wash  passages  by  flushing  with cleaning  solvent  and  blow  out  with  compressed  air. (4) Dry cylinder block with compressed air. c. Inspection NOTE After  cylinder  block  is  thoroughly  cleaned  and  pressure  tested  (step  e),  cylinder  bores must  be  honed  before  inspection. (1) Hone cylinder block bores as follows: NOTE Use a hone in which cutting radius of stones can be set in a fixed position to remove irregularities  in  bore.  Do  not  use  spring-loaded  hone.  Clean  stones  frequently  with  wire brush  to  prevent  stone  loading.  Follow  hone  manufacturer’s  instructions  regarding  use of oil or kerosene on stones. Do not use such cutting agents with dry hone. Use 120- grit stones. 4-166


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