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(a) (b) TM    9-2815-202-34 Insert hone in bore and adjust stones  snugly  to  narrowest section. When correctly adjusted, hone will not shake in bore but will drag freely up and down bore when hone is not running. Start hone and “feel out” bore for high spots which cause an increased drag on stones. Move hone up and down bore with short overlapping strokes about 1 inch long. Concentrate on high spots in first cut. As these are removed, drag on hone will become lighter and smoother. CAUTION Do not hone as long in air inlet port area as in rest of bore because this area cuts away more rapidly. Feed lightly to avoid an excessive increase in bore diameter. Some stones cut rapidly under low tension. (c)  When  bore  is  fairly  clean,  remove  hone,  inspect  stones,  and  measure  bore.  Determine which spots must be honed again. (d)  Clean  cylinder  block  thoroughly  after  honing  operation  is  completed  per  step  (b). 4 - 1 67


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