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TM  9-2815-202-34 4-36.  CYLINDER  BLOCK  MAINTENANCE  (Cont) (5) Using a bore gage, check main beating bore diameters with bearing caps in original position and bolts torqued to 165-175 Ib-ft (224-238 N-m). Apply International Compound No. 2 to bolt threads and bolt head contact area. Do not install main bearing cap stabilizers when performing  this  check. l l NOTE Main bearing bore diameter is 4.812 to 4.813 inches. If bores do not meet these limits,  replace  cylinder  block. Main  bearing  caps  are  numbered  to  correspond  with  their  respective  positions  in cylinder block. No. 1 bearing cap is located at front of block and stamped on bottom front oil pan rail. (6) Check remainining cylinder block surfaces and threaded holes for damage. Check all mating surfaces or mounting pads for flatness, nicks, and burrs. Clean up damaged threads in tapped holes with a tap or install helical thread inserts if necessary. If cylinder block is not to be used immediately, spray machined surfaces with engine oil. If cylinder block is to be stored for an extended period of time, spray or dip block in polar-type  rust-preventive  compound.  Castings  free  of  oil  will  rust  when  exposed  to atmosphere. d. Assembly NOTE Apply pipe sealant to all plugs and fittings. Install cup plugs 0.090 to 0.140 inch below surface  unless  otherwise  noted. 4-170


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