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TM  9-2815-202-34 4-36   CYLINDER   BLOCK   MAINTENANCE e.  Pressure  Check (1) (2) (3) With all cylinder block plugs in place, install ten blocking plates (67) and ten gaskets  (68),  found  in  cylinder  head pressure testing kit, over water outlet holes.  Secure  plates  to  top  of  cylinder block with twenty 5/8-11 x 2 inch bolts (69). Install fabricated water outlet plate (70)  and  rubber  gasket  (71).  Secure with two bolts (72), two nuts (73), and four  Iockwashers  (74). Attach an air line connection at plate (70). Immerse block in a tank of water heated to 180 to 200 oF (82-93 oC) for twenty  minutes. (Cont.) Never work on air system components without first gradually relieving air pressure.  Sudden  release  of  air  pressure  can  throw  debris  resulting  in serious  personal  injury. (4) Apply 40 psi (276 kPa) air pressure to water jacket and observe water in tank for bubbles which indicate a crack or leak in block. Replace block if cracked. Compressed  air  used  for  cleaning  purposes  will  not  exceed  30  psi.  Use only  with  effective  chip  guarding  and  personal  protective  equipment (goggles/shield,   gloves,   etc). (5) After  competing  pressure  test,  remove  block  from  water  tank.  Remove  ten  blocking  plates (67), ten rubber gaskets (68), twenty bolts (69), oil cooler plate (70), gasket (71), two bolts (72), two nuts (73), and four Iockwashers (74). Dry block with compressed air. END OF TASK FOLLOW-ON  MAINTENANCE Para   Description 3 - 6   Install oil cooler 4-18  Install  blower 4-30 Install front and rear end plates 4-33 Install cylinder kits 4-35  Install  crankshaft 4-174


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