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TM    9-2815-202-34 C A U T I ON Never use caustic cleaning solution for cleaning. Do not use wire brush or steel blade scraper to clean parts. Such cleaning will damage finished surfaces of turbocharger. NOTE l Before  cleaning,  inspect  parts  for  signs  of  burning,  rubbing,  or  other  damage  which might not be evident after cleaning. l Insure  compressor  and  turbine  wheel  blades  are  thoroughly  clean.  Deposits  left  on blades will affect balance of rotating assembly. (1) Soak all parts in cleaning solvent for 25 minutes. After soaking, use a stiff bristle brush to remove all dirt particles. Using compressed air, dry all parts thoroughly. (2)  Clean  all  internal  cavities  and  oil  passages  in  center  housing  thoroughly  with  compressed air. (3)  Clean  oil  passage  in  center  housing  thrust  plate  with  compressed  air. CAUTION When  polishing  surfaces,  use  silicone  carbide  abrasive  cloth  for  aluminum  parts  and crocus cloth for steel parts. (4)  Minor  surface  damage  may  be  burnished  or  polished  away. c.   Inspection (1) Inspect all parts for signs of damage, corrosion, or deterioration. Check for nicked, crossed, or stripped threads. (2)  Check  turbine  wheel  for  nicks,  rubbing,  and  wear. (3) Inspect shaft for signs of scoring, scratches, or bearing seizure. (4)  Check  compressor  wheel  for  signs  of  rubbing  or  blade  damage.  Check  to  see  wheel  bore  is not galled. (5) Inspect seal parts for signs of rubbing or scoring of running faces. (6)  Inspect  backplate  for  wear  or  damaged  bore. (7) Inspect center housing for contact with rotating parts. 4-179


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