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TM9-2815-202-34 (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) Do  not  scuff  or  scratch  bearings  when  installing  shaft  or  bearing  will  seize  during operation. Lubricate wheel shaft assembly (15) with engine oil. Position wheel shroud (18) against center  housing  (2).  Insert  wheel  shaft  assembly  (15)  through  wheel  shroud  and  into  center housing. Place  wheel  shaft  assembly  (15),  shroud  (18),  center  housing  (2),  and  backplate  (5)  upright in  holding  fixture. CAUTION Do not cock or force piston rings (24) in grooves. Rings are brittle and will snap easily. Install two piston rings (24) on thrust spacer (23). Lubricate  thrust  spacer  (23)  and  piston  rings  (24)  with  engine  oil.  Slide  spacer  with  rings over shaft assembly (15) and into bore in backplate (5). With  compressor  wheel  (17)  at  68  -78oF,  position  it  over  shaft  assembly  (15). Lubricate  shaft  threads  of  shaft  assembly  (15)  and  wheel  face  on  compressor  wheel  (17) with engine oil. Install retaining nut (16). Torque nut to 10-12 Ib-ft (14-17 N-m) to seat compressor  wheel  against  thrust  spacer. Loosen nut (16) and inspect nut face and front face of compressor wheel to insure they are smooth  and  clean. Tighten nut to 15-25 lb-in (2-3 N-m) torque. 4-181


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