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TM    9-2815-202-34 4-38.   CYLINDER   HEAD   REPAIR   (Cont) (8) Rest cylinder head on its side and remove  eight  cam  follower  guide  bolts (19), eight Iockwashers (20), and four cam  follower  guides  (21).  Discard lockwashers. (9) Remove twelve cam follower spring retainers  (22)  from  cam  follower  bores in  cylinder  head. (10) Pull twelve cam followers (23) and twelve  push  rods  (16)  assemblies from bottom of cylinder head. Remove twelve push rod nuts (15), twelve upper spring seats (25), twelve cam follower  springs  (24),  and  twelve lower spring seats (26) from twelve push rods. NOTE Mark location of valve for reinstallation.  With  used  valves, valves must go back in original location. (11) Remove sixteen exhaust valves as follows: (a) Position cylinder head on its side. (b)  Using  valve  spring  compressor (27), compress valve spring (28). Remove  two-piece  tapered  valve locks  (29). (c) Remove upper spring seat (30), valve  spring  (28),  lower  spring seat (31) , and exhaust valve (32). NOTE •l Model 7083-7395 contains four bolts (33), four flat washers (34), two cover plates (35), and two gaskets (36) per head. Model  7083-7398  contains  six bolts, six flat washers, three cover plates,  and  three  gaskets  per head. 4-186


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