Quantcast Disassembly (cont) - TM-9-2815-202-34_293

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(12) (13) (14) (15) TM    9-2815-202-34 Remove bolts (33), flat washers (34), cover plates (35) and gaskets (36) from corners of cylinder  head.  Discard  gaskets. If necessary, remove support bracket (37), two bolts (38), and two Iockwashers (39) from right  cylinder  head.  Discard  Iockwashers. Remove two bolts (40), two flat washers (41), adaptor (42), and gasket (43) from inboard corner or cylinder head. Discard gasket. Remove eight fuel connectors (4) and eight washers (44) from cylinder head. NOTE If the cylinder head is to be pressure checked, do not remove parts in steps (16) thru (21). (16) Remove eight nuts (45), eight Iockwashers (46), four cover plates (47), and four gaskets (48) from outboard side of cylinder head. Discard gaskets and Iockwashers. (17)  Remove  eight  studs  (49)  from  outboard  side  of  cylinder  head. (18) Remove five studs (50) from outboard side of cylinder head. (19) Remove cup plug (51 ) from rear of cylinder head. Discard plug. (20)  Remove  fuse  plug  (52)  from  outboard  side  of  cylinder  head. 4-187


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