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(5) (6) Immerse cylinder head in a tank of water heated to 180o-200oF (82o-93oC) for twenty minutes to heat head. Observe water  in  tank  for  bubbles  which  indicate  a leak or crack. Check for leaks at top and bottom of injector tubes, oil gallery, exhaust ports, fuel galleries, and at top and  bottom  of  cylinder  head. Relieve  air  pressure  and  remove  cylinder head  from  water  tank.  Remove  regulated air  supply,  end  plate,  injectors,  and blocking  plates  from  cylinder  head. d.   Inspection/Repair NOTE If  warpage  exceeds  limits,  reface  cylinder head. Do not remove more metal from fire deck  than  minimum  distance  of  3.536 inches from top of deck to bottom of fire deck. (1) Cylinder head (a) (b) Check  fire  deck  surface  of  cylinder head for flatness. Using a straight edge (66) and a set of feeler gages (67),  check  lengthwise  (six  places) and  crosswise  (five  places)  warpage. Maximum  lengthwise  warpage  is 0.008  inch  and  maximum  crosswise warpage  is  0.004  inch. Inspect  cam  follower  bores  in cylinder  head  for  scoring  and  wear. Clean  light  score  marks  with  crocus cloth wet with fuel oil. Measure diameter  of  cam  follower  body  and cam  follower  bore  to  determine clearance.  Maximum  clearance  is 0.006  inch.  Replace  cylinder  head  if bores  are  excessively  worn  or scored. (2) Water nozzles Check water hole nozzles (68 and 69) for looseness.  If  necessary,  replace  nozzles as  follows: (a) Remove old nozzle (68 or 69) and clean bore in cylinder head. TM  9-2815-202-34 4-191


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