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TM9-2815-202-34 NOTE Insert counterbore has a diameter of 1.2600 to 1.2610 inches and a depth of 0.3380 to 0.3520  inch.  Counterbores  must  be  concentric  with  valve  guides  within  0.003  inch  total indicator  reading. (d) Immerse cylinder head in water heated to 180o-200oF (82°-93oC) for 30 minutes or cool insert  with  liquid  nitrogen. NOTE Install insert in cylinder head while head is still hot and insert is at room temperature or when insert is chilled and head is at room temperature. (e) (9 (9) Place cylinder head on a bench with bottom side up. Place insert in counterbore with valve seat side facing up. Using insert installer (82), drive insert in place until it seats solidly in cylinder head. Check  exhaust  valve  seat  inserts  for  concentricity  in  relation  to  valve  guides  using  insert runout  gage  (83). NOTE Exhaust  valve  seat  inserts  are  prefinished.  Only  check  for  concentricity  after installation.  Grind  insert  only  if  runout  exceeds  0.002  inch. 4-195


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