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TM  9-2815-202-34 4-38.  CYLINDER  HEAD  REPAIR  (Cont) CAUTION Do not use fuel oil to clean cam followers. Lubricating oil will be washed away and cause scoring of cam roller bushing at startup. (b) Wash cam followers with engine oil and wipe dry. Examine cam follower rollers for pitting, scoring, and flat spots. Rollers (88) must turn freely on their pins (89). (c) Using a dial indicator and holding fixture, measure total diametric clearance on cam follower  roller.  Secure  cam  follower  assembly  in  a  vise  or  other  holding  device  and place  dial  indicator  needle  against  outside  diameter  of  roller.  Obtain  total  clearance  by moving  roller  in  crosswise  direction.  Maximum  clearance  is  0.010  inch. (d) Using a feeler gage, measure side clearance on cam follower. Insert gage between end of roller and leg of cam follower body. Side clearance must be 0.015 to 0.023 inch. (e)  If  necessary,  install  new  cam  follower  rollers  and  pins  as  follows: 1, Clamp cam follower holding fixture (90) in a vise and place cam follower in groove at top of assembly with cam follower pin resting on top of small plunger in holding assembly. 4-198


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