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TM9-2815-202-34 (9) Slip injector tube (93), installer (92), and pilot (94), into injector bore and drive into place. (h) Upset lower end of injector tube as follows: 1. Turn cylinder head bottom up and remove insert pilot (94). Thread upsetting die (96) into tapped hole of installer (92). 2. Using socket and torque wrench, apply 30 Ib-ft (41 N-m) torque to upsetting die (96). 3. Remove upsetting die (96) and installer (92) from injector tube. NOTE Reamer  does  not  contact  large  inside diameter  of  current  injector  tube.  Ream  only at  small  inside  diameter  and  injector  nut seat. (i)  Ream  injector  tube  as  follows: 1. 2. Clean injector tube (93) and place  cylinder  head  right  side up. Apply a few drops of cutting oil on  reamer  flutes  and  carefully position reamer (97) in injector tube (93). 4-201


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