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TM9-2815-202-34 4-38.  CYLINDER  HEAD  REPAIR  (Cont) (9) Using depth gage (100), measure exhaust  valve  protrusion  beyond fire deck. If out of limits, regrind or replace  insert. NOTE l Before installing cam followers, immerse in Cindol 1705 oil heated to 100oF-125°F (38°C- 52oC) for one hour for initial lubrication   of   cam   roller   pins   and bushings.  Rotate  cam  rollers during soaking period to purge air from bushing and roller area. l (19) (20) (21) Install  used  cam  followers  and push rods in their original locations. Assemble  lower  spring  seat  (26),  cam follower  spring  (24),  upper  spring  seat (25), and locknut (15) on push rod (16). Install  twelve  cam  follower  spring retainers  (22)  in  cam  follower  bores from top of cylinder head. Slide twelve push rod (16) assemblies  in  position  from  bottom  of cylinder  head. NOTE Install cam followers with oil hole directed  away  from  exhaust  valves. (22) Slide twelve cam followers (23) in position from bottom of cylinder head. 4-208


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