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TM    9-2815-202-34 4-38.   CYLINDER   HEAD   REPAIR   (Cont) CAUTION Seat slot in valve bridges over inboard exhaust valve stem to prevent  valve  damage. (28) Position eight valve bridges (17) on bridge  guides  (18)  with  adjustment screw  (104)  toward  outboard  side  of engine. CAUTION Insure  injector  hold  down  clamp does  not  contact  exhaust  valve spring. (29) Install four fuel injectors (3) in cylinder head and secure in place with four clamps (14), four washers (13), and four bolts (12) putting curved side of washer  against  clamp.  Torque  bolts  to 20-25 Ib-ft (27-34 N-m). NOTE Install special rocker arm shaft bracket  (5)  containing  throttle  delay housing at right bank No. 1 cylinder on model  7083-7395. (30) (31) (32) If necessary,  install  check  valve  (9) and oil supply fitting (10) into throttle delay  housing  (5). Apply engine oil to rocker arm shafts (7) and slide shaft through rocker arms (11). Place rocker shaft bracket (8) over each end of shaft with finished  face  of  bracket  toward  rocker arm. Insert eight rocker arm bracket bolts (6) through eight brackets (8) and four shafts (7). Swing rocker arms, shafts, and  brackets  into  position  and  thread bolts  into  cylinder  head.  Torque  bolts to 90-100 Ib-ft (122-136 N-m). 4-212


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