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TM9-2815-202-34 4-40.  FUEL   INJECTOR   ASSEMBLY (4)  Injector  plunger  and  bushing REPAIR (Cont) CAUTION Make sure high pressure bleed hole in side of bushing is not plugged. If hole is plugged,  fuel  oil  will  leak  into  engine  and  cause  oil  dilution. NOTE Keep plunger and bushing together as they are matched sets. Keep parts of each injector  assembly  together. Wash  with  cleaning  solvent  and  dry  with  compressed  air. c.   Inspection/Measurements (1)  Follower (a) (b) Measure  distance  between  top  of follower  (8)  and  slot.  Dimension must be 1.645 to 1.649 inches. Inspect stop pin groove in side of . follower to make sure it is smooth and not damaged. Do not reuse follower if there is more than 0.002 inch wear on top or there is other  visual  damage  or  wear. (2) Follower spring (a) (b) (c) Examine  outside  diameter  of follower spring coils (7) for wear caused  by  rocker  arms  contacting coils. Replace if worn. Inspect follower springs for rust, pitting, nicks, or notches in coils, broken  coils,  broken  coil  ends, and  notches  under  coil  ends. Check  spring  tension  with  spring tester.  Replace  spring  when  a load of less than 78 Ibs will compress it to 1.028 inches. 4-226


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