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TM   9-2815-202-34 4-40.  FUEL  INJECTOR  ASSEMBLY  REPAIR  (Cont) e.   Assembly (1) Secure injector body (21) infolding fixture(1). (2) install filter (5) in inlet port of body (located above injector rack). Position filter with dimple end down and slotted end up. No filter is required at outlet port. (3) Install two gaskets (4) and two fuel connectors (3) to injector body. Lubricate connector threads with engine oil before installation. Torque connectors to 70 Ib-ft (95 N-m) (blued components) or to 62 Ib-ft (84 N-m) (mixed and nonblued components). (4) Install two shipping caps (2) to connectors (3) to prevent dirt from entering injector. (5)  Support  injector  body  assembly,  bottom end  up,  in  holding  fixture. (6) Install seal ring (25) onto shoulder of injector  body  (21  ). (7) Slide injector control rack (24) into injector body (21 ). (8) Look into injector body bore and move control  rack  (24)  until  you  see  two  drill marks  on  rack.  Hold  rack  in  this  position. (9) Place gear (23) in injector body so that marked tooth on gear is engaged between two marked teeth on control rack (24). (10) Place gear retainer (22) on top of gear (23). (11) Aline locating pin in bushing (20) with slot in injector body (21). Slide end of bushing into place. (12) Install spill deflector (19) over barrel of bushing  (20). NOTE Perform  needle  valve  opening pressure  test  [ref.  step  f.(5)]  at  this time  before  completing  assembly. (13) Place check valve (18) centrally on top of bushing  (20). (14) Place check valve cage (17), flat side up, over check valve (18) and against bushing (20).  Check  valve  cage  must  not  rest  on check  valve. (15) Insert spring seat (15) in valve spring (16). Install  assembly  on  check  valve  cage  (17) with seat up. 4-230 Change  1


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