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(16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) TM9-2815-202-34 Place spring cage (14) over spring seat (15) and spring (16). Insert needle valve (35) into spray tip (33) with tapered end down. Place spray tip assembly (13) on top of spring cage (14) with quill end of needle valve in hole in spring cage. Lubricate  threads  on  injector  nut  (11)  with  engine  oil  and  carefully  thread  nut  on  injector body. Tighten nut as tight as possible by hand. Turn injector over and push rack (24) all way in. Place  follower  spring  (7)  on  injector  body Slide head of plunger (9) into follower (8). Aline slot in follower (8) with stop pin hole in injector body (21). Aline flat side of plunger (9) with flat in gear. Insert free end of plunger (9) in injector body (21). Place stop pin (6) in slot on injector body (21 ). Rotate spring (7) so flat part of end coil is clear of pin (6). Then push pin in place while pressing down on follower (8). Once in place, rotate spring (7) so flat on end coil is positioned  over  pin. CAUTION Do  not  exceed  specified  torque.  Otherwise, nut may be stretched and result in improper sealing of lapped surfaces in overhauled injector. NOTE After  assembling  fuel  injector, always  check  area  between  nut  and body. If seal is still visible after nut is torqued, try another nut and seal. (21). (26) With injector in holding fixture (1) and using injector nut socket (10), torque injector nut (11) to 80 Ib-ft (108 N-m) for blued components or 50 Ib-ft (68  N-m)  for  nonblued  components  or 65 Ib-ft (88 N-m) for mixed components. 4-231


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